Travel to the incredible plains of Tanzania, Africa and summit the world’s highest freestanding mountain whilst raising vital funds to cure children’s’ cancer.

Do you love adventure travel? Do you love setting-out on a journey that will take you out of your comfort zone? Do you love the comradery formed as adventurers unite together in a shared goal? Do you love the feeling of escapism experienced by immersing yourself in ancient cultures in remote parts of the world seen by few?

Come along and join in creating lasting friendship and fond memories on the Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge.

Dates: 20 July to 31 July 2018

Itinerary at a glance:    

Day 1 – Depart Australia

Day 2 – Kilimanjaro Airport

Day 3 – Simba Camp  

Day 4 – Kikelewa Camp

Day 5 – Mawenzi Tarn

Day 6 – Mawenzi Tarn – Acclimatisation

Day 7 – Kibo Camp

Day 8 – Summit and Horombo Camp

Day 9 – Final day of trekking and arrive at hotel

Day 10 – Departure day

Day 11 - Transit

Day 12 – Arrive home

Every day, four Australian families hear the words your ‘child has cancer’. Childhood Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease of Australian children, the causes are unknown and there is no prevention – the only way to help children is through continued research to find a cure.

To find out more and Join the Challenge please click here to register.

Your contribution counts and we couldn't do this without you!

Thank you from Kim and The Kids’ Cancer Project Team.

About Soulful Concepts

We’ve partnered with Soulful Concepts, an industry accredited Travel Company, specialising in philanthropic travel design. They provide hand-crafted travel experiences for individuals who would like to have a positive impact on an important cause.

Kids Cancer Project

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research. Kids' cancer is different to adult cancer. Current treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are very harsh causing many kids to develop side-effects long after treatment has ended.

The Kids’ Cancer Project was founded in 1993 by Col Reynolds who decided to step up and do something to help. Now, thanks to community support, the charity has committed tens of millions of dollars to scientific research projects to help children with many types of cancer.

Science is making an impact, providing new treatment options and giving hope to the 950 children and young adolescents diagnosed each year.

If you believe science is the solution join us. By working together, we will make a difference to help kids with cancer.

1 heroes fundraising today.

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