Tim Blair Run For Kids Foundation run to

raise funds for childhood cancer

Tim Blair is set to join forces with a group of Coastal cyclists for a challenge aiming to raise awareness for a message close to his heart. 

The Devonport man will run from Deloraine to the Devonport Bluff on August 24 to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer while a group of cyclists will also ride from Launceston to Devonport on the same day. 

The challenging course will coincide with the Gold Bus trip from Hobart to Devonport in the lead up to Go Gold month with the hope that all three groups will reach the Devonport Bluff at the same time. 

Mr Blair said it was all about raising awareness for the Kids Cancer Project and will lead up to the Tim Blair Run For Kids Foundation cocktail party fundraiser later this month. 

“It’s to coincide with the kids cancer project and the gold bus will leave Hobart on the same day and if we all get our timing right then we will all finish at the Bluff at around about 3.30pm,” Mr Blair said. 

“On the way we are hoping to raise some money in some of the towns and there will also be a chance for people on the roadside to make donations.”

The passionate runner said the challenge was a great lead up to the Going Gold for Kids Cancer cocktail evening the following weekend on September 2. 

“This will be a lead up for the Going Gold for Kids Cancer the following weekend and I guess it’s just all about trying to promote awareness and trying to raise money.

“The main driver this year is trying to promote the message to be active and doing something in recognition of what the kids can’t do. 

“I’d encourage anyone that can at quarter past three on the Thursday afternoon to put on their running gear and meet me at the bottom of the Victoria Bridge and run the last four or five kilometres with me.”

Mr Blair will team up with Coastal cyclists for the run and ride on Thursday, August 24 and expect to reach the Bluff at 3.30pm. 

The Going Gold for Kids Cancer evening will be held at Devonport Surf Life Saving Club on September 2. Tickets are $65 at www.devonporttickets.com.au.  


The Kids' Cancer Project

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research. Kids' cancer is different to adult cancer. Current treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are very harsh causing many kids to develop side-effects long after treatment has ended.

If you believe science is the solution join us. By working together, we will make a difference to help kids with cancer.

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