The Bravery Box helps kids with cancer celebrate their bravery in small and big ways. A little bit of bravery every day adds up to the 20 seconds of insane bravery our kids and teens often need to get through some of their treatments. 

One of the bravest things I personally do is take our daughter to treatments (chemo and his cohort) that are known causes of serious illness and disease to save her life from cancer. What a day when a science geek (I say that with love) shrieks ‘I’ve got it!’ and does a victory lap around the lab because they have found a cure that does no harm.

Kids Cancer Project mission is to ERADICATE kids cancer; 100% survival rate, no child lost. That's a lofty goal but one we can totally get behind. 

Bravery Box are partnering with Kids Cancer Project to ERADICATE kids cancer. Join us in saying ‘Hell No’ to childhood cancer by-

Have some fun - Attending one of our fundraising events

Throw some cash at it - Donating a little bit or a very big bit of cash to ERADICATE childhood cancer (press the donate button)

Throw your hat in the ring for one of our fundraising programs – 


If you have a GREAT idea for fundraising and want us to be involved we can work with you to make it happen. Get in touch at

Kids Cancer Project

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research. Kids' cancer is different to adult cancer. Current treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are very harsh causing many kids to develop side-effects long after treatment has ended.

If you believe science is the solution join us. By working together, we will make a difference to help kids with cancer.
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