Lorraine Lea & The Kids' Cancer Project

Lorraine Lea is proud to partner with independent Australian charity, The Kids’ Cancer Project, to fund the most exciting and innovative childhood cancer research initiative ever undertaken in Australia.

Kicking off on June 1, Lorraine Lea’s month-long Party for Kids with Cancer® fundraising appeal will run nation-wide, with all proceeds funding life-saving research to find the best treatment options with the fewest side effects for children diagnosed with the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

During June, everyone who hosts a Lorraine Lea home styling event can donate all or part of their Host Credits as a dollar value to the Party for Kids with Cancer® fund in support of this vital medical research.

Childhood cancers kill more Australian kids than any other disease with 950 new children diagnosed every year.

Their cancers are very different to adult cancers; but they are treated the same way. These treatments are very harsh on growing bodies. Ninety percent of those who do survive will develop at least one chronic condition resulting from their treatment.

All proceeds from our Party for Kids with Cancer® fundraising appeal will fund life-saving research to find child-specific treatments for those at the highest risk of relapse or treatment failure.

You can be a hero and help kids with cancer by:

1. Hosting a home styling party

2. Making a donation to the cause

Contact your Independent Stylist, visit lorrainelea.com or call 1800 641 089.

The Kids' Cancer Project

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research. Kids' cancer is different to adult cancer. Current treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are very harsh causing many kids to develop side-effects long after treatment has ended.

If you believe science is the solution join us. By working together, we will make a difference to help kids with cancer.

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